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Welcome to the Companion Website

This is the companion site for A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics by Bill Poirier (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, UK, 2014). The website provides you with access to the many rich tools and resources available for this supplement, including:

  • textbook-specific reference materials (for expanded list of 60+ standard textbooks)
  • additional application chapters (tailored for specific science and engineering disciplines)
  • top ten list of most common thermodynamic errors
  • expanded terminology and notation key
  • complete set of figures 
  • sample chapters
  • photo gallery

All of this additional online content is freely available for download, for anyone who has purchased a print or ebook version of the supplement (some is freely available even without purchase).

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Want to buy the book now? You can do so at the Wiley title homepage. Ebook formats, e.g. kindle and nook, are also available.