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The Nigel Tufnel Challenge...

Can YOU state clearly and unambiguously what it means to go "one more entropic"?
Can your professor?

We laugh at a certain fictional rocker for putting his faith in a particular amplifier because it goes “one louder”. But we scientists are really no better if we cannot clearly explain what it means to “add one” unit to the entropy. Science deals with numerical quantities, whose physical interpretation must always be clear. For instance, we all know precisely what it means to add one calorie of heat to a gram of water; why should entropy be any different?

You can find the answer to The Nigel Tufnel Challengeas well as many other thermodynamical conundrumsin A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics by Bill Poirier (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, UK, 2014).

Want to buy the book now? You can do so at the Wiley title homepage. Ebook formats, e.g. kindle and nook, are also available.